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September 3, 2017
Home Insurance vs Home Warranty

Home Insurance vs Home Warranty


Many new home-buyers these days are offered a home warranty in addition to their homeowner’s insurance. While both may seem to provide the same benefits, home warranty and insurance are two very different things.

What Is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is similar in concept to a manufacturer warranty on appliances and other devices in your life. It is coverage for any costly repairs that may be required in your home for a given period. Home warranties can provide coverage for things such as your HVAC system, plumbing, or appliances and the extent of coverage depends on the warranty you choose and how much risk you would like that take on.

What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance against any unexpected damages to your home from disasters. These disasters can be lightning, fire, or worse. Having home insurance provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t lose everything in the event of a disaster, and you will receive a payment from the insurer.

One or the Other?

When comparing both home warranties and home insurance, it isn’t a choice between the two. You need to have home insurance.  It covers you for  calamity, but a home warranty is an extra add-on that can help pay for repairs.

When buying a new home, choosing to purchase home insurance is a great option for the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for unexpected issues in the future.

Some may not see the benefit in purchasing a home warranty, if you would like to know that you won’t be dumping a load of cash to fix things in your new home, it can be a smart purchase.

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