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5 Things Not To Keep In Your Garage

Created Date
September 28, 2019

While storage is not necessarily some thing you think of in the world of Home Insurance  what and where you keep items in your home can affect your risk of theft or fire – which wait for it, are huge insurance items.  It is certainly easy for your garage to turn into a personal storage unit. For many things that is fine, but some things become a home hazard without proper storage protection. This list of common items found in garages that could result in un-insurable losses:

  • Extra fuel, paint thinners, paint, and other extremely flammable items. Out of habit most of us would not want these items in the house but storing: portable gas cans, BBQ propane tanks, paint thinner etc in the garage is dangerous.  They all pose leak, poison and fire risks.  If you need to store extra fuel an outside shed is ideal, if not do so only in dedicated, leak-proof containers out of the reach of children and pets.  No need to turn a small spark into a house fire.
  • Furniture. Unless your garage is insulated and heated items designed for interior use will degrade over time cold.  Extreme cold and heat will weaken bonding agents and prematurely age fibers.  Rodents may decide that your extra couch is nice home or snack.
  • Clothing. Basement or the back of your closet, is a much better place for clothing. In the garage, clothing may absorb: fumes or dust, or get infested with pets.
  • Anything fragile: Photos, art, electronics, etc.: These are some items that need the stability of climate control so delicate elements aren’t damaged. Remember: If you couldn’t bear to see it lost or destroyed, it shouldn’t be in the garage.
  • Valuables: Garages are easier to break into than your house, you are also more likely to forget to close the garage door than your front door.  leaving items of value out in the garage exposes them to a much higher risk of theft.

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