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Home Insurance


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September 17, 2017

Home Insurance


To protect your home from the unexpected, you need homeowner’s insurance. The problem is, many people feel they are paying way too much each month without seeing the benefits. If you’re buying a new home or are looking to switch home insurance policies, these five tips should help you save a considerable amount each month.

  • Shop Around

Don’t go with the first company you find on a Google search. Make sure you’re looking at different insurers in your area and ask for quotes to find the best deal.

  • Work with One Insurer for All Your Needs

See if your auto insurer offers home insurance as well. Many insurance companies will offer discounts for bundling your auto and home insurance.

  • Raise Your Deductible

The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will be. This can be risky, so make sure that you set it at an amount you would be comfortable paying out of pocket should an accident occur.

  • Fortify Your Home

Installing safety measures such as dead-bolt locks, burglar alarm systems, or fire sprinklers can qualify you for a discount with most insurers of up to 5%. Not only will your home be much safer, but you will be able to save each month on your premiums.

  • Build and Maintain Good Credit

As you probably know, your credit score affects many aspects of your financial life such as buying a car or a house. However, having a good credit rating can also help qualify you for lower premiums each month and a better policy overall.

Hopefully, these five tips should set you on the right track towards saving hundreds of dollars each year. Although saving money is great, b sure you talk to an insurance broker to make sure your policy covers all of your needs.


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