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4 New Year’s resolutions to help you save on insurance

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January 7, 2019

With 2019 upon us (and probably some massive bills from the holidays) lets look at some New Years’ resolutions to help save you a little cash. Today we will look at 4 simple ways to help lower your cost of insurance.

How to lower your costs:

1.) Work on your credit score – Unless you live in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts where it is illegal to use credit score to affect your insurance rates improving your credit score will lower your rates. Step one here is to pull a free credit score and look for errors and old bills that can be resolved. Get them cleaned up and your score will start to improve. Once it does start shopping for new insurance.

2.) Bundle. You may ask what bundling is? It is the practice of having your home owners or renters insurance with one carrier. You will get discounts for doing this, in some cases for renters the discount may exceed the cost of adding renters insurance.

3.) Cross shop. It is a good idea to check your rates and insurance levels vs other carriers every couple of years as rates shift frequently.

4.) Check your policy for accuracy. If you are not a heavy driver you can get low mileage discounts.  Do you park inside vs on the street?  It is cheaper.  If you have a college degree you can get discounts. Check all of these things and make sure your deductibles, mileages, coverage levels, and use cases etc are all accurate.  In short be sure that you are maximizing all of the possible discounts available to you.

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